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Dear Valued Customer,

Our plan is to complete the migration of any remaining accounts from our legacy platform to our COLT Vehicle Finance platform before mid-October.

The migration of our customer accounts has been progressing very well.  The customers that have already migrated are reporting they like the new features and capabilities our COLT system provides them. 

If you need additional information on the COLT VF site, have encountered any problems whatsoever with your account migration, or you need additional COLT training, we are here to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to either go on line to to view training docs, videos or schedule a live training session; or call (888)-823-7237 to connect with sales (2) or tech support (3).  Our goal is to enhance your experience and performance from using our products. 

Key Transition Elements: 

Selected COLT Vehicle Finance (VF) Enhancements  

·         Bulk Processing  – commands, notifications, reports and vehicle transfers – with import

·         Single Login to manage all subaccounts

·         Custom reports  with spreadsheet and PDF export capabilities

·         Advance search capabilities

·         Installation Portal – verify and audit – signal strength & satellite count

·         Advanced geofence capabilities

·         Advanced templates

·         Subaccount searching

·         Online store with airtime renewal

·         Enhanced bank level security


Transition Process

Tools have been developed to make the transition to the new platform virtually seamless. For your benefit, our goal is to complete the full transition in as short of a window as possible, however we’ll need your assistance. 

Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition:

1.       Familiarization - Please start familiarizing yourself with the new platform, log onto the new URL to try the enhanced capabilities. If you experiment beforehand, your training session will be more productive.

·         A duplicate account has been created on the COLT VF Platform and device history up to 8/17 has been migrated.

·         Use your existing login(s) and password(s) to access the new site and try out the new platform. (This works long as your user name is not taken on the new platform.  If you find it is taken, your temporary login ID will be your CalAmp account ‘GAnumber_username’ and your existing password will work.)

·         Please note, during the familiarization phase you will be able to see your devices and history, but not command the devices

·         Customers will be transferred in groups and we will contact you regarding your transition date. 


2.       Training

·         Please go to to view training documents, prerecorded videos or register for a live training session.   We are having live Aercept (ABE)-to-COLT transition Webinars each Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the transition period.

3.       Device & Account Transfer -We are now actively migrating accounts.  You should have been notified of your transition schedule.  If you don’t know your transfer date please call your CAM. 

Upon completion of the transfer:

·         Your existing user IDs and passwords will automatically transfer.

·         Your existing devices will operate on the new system with the functionality they had on the old system and more.

·         All of the new device history created since 8/17 will automatically transfer from to COLT VF

·         You will no longer be able to command your devices on unless you have GPR devices. (However, for a period of time you will still be able to log onto and see your old history.)

·         Installed active communicating units may take up 49 hours after transfer to point to COLT VF. Additionally, if an installed unit is not powered, out of coverage or in any state that is not active on the cellular network it may take longer.

·         Uninstalled Inventory:  For inventory purchased and processed through our factory prior to the transfer, the device will point to when powered on.  There are automated tools to help point these devices to the new system. We will provide FAQs to help you with the process.

Need Assistance?

Please do not hesitate to call (888) 823-7237 and connect with sales (2), or tech support (3), if you have further questions or extra assistance. 

We anticipate you will appreciate the added performance, benefits and features of the new platform and application. We understand with change there is a learning curve and certainly potential for some unforeseen challenges for both of us. Please be patient as we try to assist you.  We are here to help you, our valued customer, have as seamless migration as possible to a more robust system.




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